Welcome to Perchance Music & Digital MediaSM

I'm Christine Bush, Creative Services Director and proprietor of Perchance Music & Digital MediaSM. I am also writer, producer and host of The Soundtrack Of Now: A Sojourn In SoundTM with Christine Bush.

Sound & Music

I create visual art and compose experimental music using the pseudonym Jonatha Chance. I release music into the Creative Commons as Chance Encounters Ensemble in recognition of the fact that even when it is a solo production I am not working alone --- relying on inspiration, instruments, software, and support from others. For these reasons I've opted to identify my business as Perchance Music & Digital MediaSM.

I am primarily interested in collaborating musically with writers, artists, and filmmakers. Music is what happens when we give sound a chance, or as Philip Glass says: "Drawing is about seeing. Dancing is about moving...poetry about speaking...and music about listening."


Video is one of the most rewarding, and challenging, elements of multimedia because it involves complex software skills to produce and may involve collaboration with stakeholders and/or a director. I use Premiere Pro and the Adobe Creative Cloud in conjunction with mobile video capture technology. Currently this is a Samsung GalaxyNote 20. I turn to sites like Pond5 and Pixabay for occasional stock elements. Once a video is "complete" there is then usually a desire to share it online. When possible, I host video on Vimeo.

My guiding principles are simple: tell a compelling story and treat the sound design as a first class citizen of the "viewing" experience. I try to avoid talking heads and take my time trying to find resonances in the segments that can be amplified through treatments and transitions.

Snowman Always Knew He Could Fly by Pipa Cudahy

Fundraising for this painting is currently in progress as a GoFundMe campaign. Watch the video and chip in, please. Thank you.



I designed this site. I began with the vision of a hero image that conveyed the famous words of Shakespeare that the name of my creative enterprise echoes: "To sleep, perchance to dream." While Hamlet was speaking metaphorically of death, I wanted to re-contextualize his words as a musing about...imagination. Next I wrote the HTML5, CSS, and Javascript code and innovated a new navigation methodology that eliminates dropdown menues in favor of modern, mobile-first use cases. I have added some interactivity using TypeForm. Design begins, succeeds, or fails with the user experience. I hope you enjoy.


While my current focus is on music and sound, I've been using Adobe prodcuts since 1996, and I'm still learning new things to do with what is now called the Creative Cloud suite of software that includes dozens of products including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premire Pro, After Effects, and Audition.

For example, the hero image for my web development brand, BumbleAppsTM, brings a nuanced interaction between photography, graphic design, and messaging to convey, with simplicity, how I embrace technological evolution.