Perchance Music and Digital Media: Christine Bush, Creative Talent

Perchance Music & Digital Media

Hello, I'm Christine Bush. When I create, I use the pseudonym Jonatha Chance. For this reason I've opted to identify my business as Perchance Music and Digital Media. In this way, my projects are Chance.

Beyond this, the word "perchance" encapsulates for me the essence of creativity. The gesture of perchance-driven inquiry is ever open, opportunistic, associative, and emergent. What dreams may come from this cognitive jazz?

In Shakespeare's most famous soliliquy, in which a solemn prince contemplates the nature of existence, Hamlet summons words and images and sounds that have spawned hundreds, perhaps thousands, of interpretations. This is the hallmark of a timeless work of art and the result of a profound process.

Why aspire to something less in our own projects? What alchemy must be at work?


Therefore: To create something authentic, there must be a respectful relationship that nurtures the free and open exchange of ideas and engenders trust. Collaboration is the opposite of the broken sub-contractor paradigm that twists talented people into second-class employees, waiting for design specs and compelled by deadlines. Collaboration is process. Embracing collaboration means we want to work with each other, not one for another.

Contact Me

To foster this rare spirit of collaboration, I prefer to make initial contact with you by phone, not e-mail or social media. So we will have to share our voices with one another. By calling 218-833-2278, you will discover my voice and I will discover yours. We thereby begin from two important premises: first, that we are real; second, that we are sincere.

How Can I Help?

I can bring several specific talents to our collaboration.


I am primarily interested in collaborating musically on documentary films. Music is what happens when you give sound a chance, so as Philip Glass says: "Music is about listening."

The secret sauce of most effective films is not what's on the screen, which "viewers" rightly expect to be compelling, but that which is not seen: the sound.

Music Licensing

If you don't have time to commission original music, there are plenty of options. I can help you explore them efficiently whether it is finding royalty-free tracks or licensing that "perfect" song by a well-known artist.

Music Publishing

If you want to commission something original, it needs to be published before you can use it. This means negotiating the publication terms which means understanding the multiple tiers of licensing required for film projects.

Creative Cloud

I've been using Adobe prodcuts since 1996, and I'm still learning new things to do with what is now called the Creative Cloud suite of software that includes dozens of products including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premire Pro, After Effects, and Audition.

Podcast Post-Production

Podcasting is still alive and well. Ready to take yours to the next level? Let's explore format, production, connectivity, post-production, and distribution.